Conduct in General

A student is expected to show, both within and outside of the University, respect for law and order, personal honor, and the rights of others. To further strengthen the sense of community at the University of North Dakota, we affirm the following:

  1. That everyone be allowed to work, learn, and live in a safe, caring environment;
  2. That everyone learn about, understand, appreciate, and respect varied cultures;
  3. That everyone matters;
  4. That all individuals be respected and treated with dignity and civility;
  5. That everyone continue to share in the responsibility of making UND a better place. 

Within the University, the student is subject to specific policies, rules and regulations promulgated by student governing groups, student-faculty committees, University Senate and the State Board of Higher Education. The student is subject to civil law and civil authority.

The Code of Student Life is available at: It outlines the rights and responsibilities and expected levels of conduct of citizens in the University community. The purpose of the rules outlined is to prevent abuse of the rights of others and to maintain an atmosphere in the University community appropriate for an institution of higher education. Materials included will be helpful to student organizations and to members of the University community to gain a better understanding of responsibilities of various boards and committees, and to understand student rights and responsibilities. Appendix B in the Code covers academic concerns (grievances and standards) and Section III covers student conduct regulations and procedures.

The Code of Student Life is published annually. Interpretation of sections within the Code may be requested by contacting the Community Standards Office, the Vice President for Student Affairs, or through direct consultation with the Student Policy Committee.