Theatre Arts


THEA 997. Independent Study. 2 Credits.

THEA 998. Thesis. 1-6 Credits.

Repeatable to 6.00 credits.

Undergraduate Courses for Graduate Credit

THEA 339. Fundamentals of Theatrical Design. 3 Credits.

Exploration of needs for putting together a successful theatrical production. Topics include conceptual work, drafting, model-making and rendering, and scenic painting. Repeatable to 6.00 credits. S, odd years.

THEA 404. Musical Theatre Acting II. 3 Credits.

Appreciation of and performance techniques for musical theatre including: voice and movement work, acting, and staging. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Repeatable to 6.00 credits. S, odd years.

THEA 415. Selected Problems in Theatre Arts. 1-3 Credits.

Topics of special interest to faculty and students, such as Theatre Management, Women's Issues in Drama, Polish Theatre and Drama, Improvisation, Scene Painting, and others. Repeatable up to 9 credits. Repeatable to 9.00 credits. On demand.

THEA 423. History of the Theatre: Classical, Medieval and Renaissance. 3 Credits.

The theatre in performance. The origins of theatrical forms and their relationships to acting style, physical theatre and audience with the cultural environment. F, even years.

THEA 424. History of the Theatre: Seventeenth Century to the Present. 3 Credits.

A continuation of topics covered in THEA 423 beginning with the Seventeenth Century and continuing to the present. Prerequisite: THEA 423 or instructor consent. S, odd years.

THEA 425. Play Direction II. 3 Credits.

A continuation of THEA 300 with emphasis on contemporary theories, analysis, research, conceptualization, and implementation. Laboratory experience. Prerequisite: THEA 300 or consent of instructor. S, even years.

THEA 426. Scene Design for the Stage. 3 Credits.

The analysis, research, and conceptualization of the physical context of theatre productions. Emphasis on individual creative projects. Prerequisite: THEA 339 or instructor consent. Repeatable to 6.00 credits. S, even years.

THEA 427. Costume Design. 3 Credits.

Elements, principles, and styles of design applied to the visual creation of a dramatic character. Repeatable up to 6 credits. Repeatable to 6.00 credits. F, odd years.

THEA 471. Advanced Acting: Shakespeare. 3 Credits.

A detailed examination of Shakespeare in performance. Prerequisite: THEA 271. S, odd years.

THEA 488. Playwriting. 3 Credits.

The playwright's problems as revealed through practice of writing plays; experimental productions of the student's creative work whenever possible. Repeatable up to 6 hours. Prerequisite: Sufficient background in theatrical arts and creative writing and consent of instructor. Repeatable to 6.00 credits. F, odd years.