Theatre Arts


THEA 997. Independent Study. 2 Credits.


THEA 998. Thesis. 1-6 Credits.

Repeatable to 6.00 credits.

Undergraduate Courses for Graduate Credit

THEA 339. Fundamentals of Theatrical Design. 3 Credits.

Exploration of needs for putting together a successful theatrical production. Topics include conceptual work, drafting, model-making and rendering, and scenic painting. Repeatable to 6.00 credits. S, odd years.

THEA 404. Musical Theatre Acting II. 3 Credits.

Appreciation of and performance techniques for musical theatre including: voice and movement work, acting, and staging. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Repeatable to 6.00 credits. S, odd years.

THEA 415. Selected Problems in Theatre Arts. 1-3 Credits.

Topics of special interest to faculty and students, such as Theatre Management, Women's Issues in Drama, Polish Theatre and Drama, Improvisation, Scene Painting, and others. Repeatable up to 9 credits. Repeatable to 9.00 credits. On demand.

THEA 423. History of the Theatre: Classical, Medieval and Renaissance. 3 Credits.

The theatre in performance. The origins of theatrical forms and their relationships to acting style, physical theatre and audience with the cultural environment. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing. F, even years.

THEA 424. History of the Theatre: Seventeenth Century to the Present. 3 Credits.

A continuation of topics covered in THEA 423 beginning with the Seventeenth Century and continuing to the present. Prerequisite: THEA 423 or instructor consent. S, odd years.

THEA 425. Play Direction II. 3 Credits.

A continuation of THEA 300 with emphasis on contemporary theories, analysis, research, conceptualization, and implementation. Laboratory experience. Prerequisite: THEA 300 or consent of instructor. S, even years.

THEA 426. Scene Design for the Stage. 3 Credits.

The analysis, research, and conceptualization of the physical context of theatre productions. Emphasis on individual creative projects. Prerequisite: THEA 339 or instructor consent. Repeatable to 6.00 credits. S, even years.

THEA 427. Costume Design. 3 Credits.

Elements, principles, and styles of design applied to the visual creation of a dramatic character. Repeatable up to 6 credits. Repeatable to 6.00 credits. F, odd years.

THEA 471. Advanced Acting: Shakespeare. 3 Credits.

A detailed examination of Shakespeare in performance. Prerequisite: THEA 271. F, even years.

THEA 488. Playwriting. 3 Credits.

The playwright's problems as revealed through practice of writing plays; experimental productions of the student's creative work whenever possible. Repeatable up to 6 hours. Prerequisite: Sufficient background in theatrical arts and creative writing and consent of instructor. Repeatable to 6.00 credits. F, odd years.