Bachelor of Fine Arts with Major in Graphic Design

Candidates seeking admission to the BFA program must submit an application request to the Undergraduate Director who will then schedule a portfolio application review for the candidate with a committee consisting of two to three departmental faculty members.  Each student’s current portfolio of artworks will be reviewed annually by departmental faculty.  Faculty will make recommendations concerning the student’s status in the BFA program.  If probation is recommended, students may apply for readmission at the completion of a full semester.  Readmission will be contingent upon faculty evaluation.  BFA candidates must have at least one annual review prior to graduation that should not occur the semester of graduation.  BFA Candidates cannot apply to the program the semester of graduation.

Before advancement to upper-division status, all BFA candidates must participate in admission review/evaluation by the departmental faculty.  This typically occurs after taking core requirements and/or the introductory level classes in their area of emphasis in the sophomore year.

Candidates accepted for the program will be expected to maintain a high standard of excellence, demonstrate significant artistic growth, and a 3.00 grade point average in all art courses.

Majors in Graphic Design must complete at least 24 credits in Graphic Design.

Required 120 credits (36 of which must be numbered 300 or above, and 30 of which must be from UND) including:

I. Essential Studies Requirements (see University ES listing).

II. The following curriculum of 69 major credits:

All BFA degree majors in Art have a minimum requirement of 69 credits in Art, Art History and Graphic Design courses. Distribution of those credits is as follows:

Core Requirements (15 credits)
ART 112Two Three Dimensional Design3
ART 115First Year Seminar3
ART 210History of Art - Ancient to Medieval3
ART 211History of Art - Renaissance to Present3
ART 272Digital Foundations3
Additional supportive courses (12 credits)12
200-level two-dimensional studio art courses (6 credits)
200-level three-dimensional studio art courses (6 credits)
Studies in Art History (6 credits)6
300/400-level art history courses
Studies in Graphic Design (24 credits)24
200-level Graphic Design Courses (3 credits)
300/400-level Graphic Design Courses (21 credits)
Art & Design Electives (12 credits)12
300/400-level studio art courses outside Graphic Design (6 credits)
300/400-level art history, graphic design or studio art courses (6 credits)
Exhibition Requirement *
Total Credits69

All B.F.A. candidates are also required to produce a BFA Exhibition with the approval of their faculty advisor.