Minor in Sustainability Studies

Required 21 credits including:

ESSP 160Sustainability Society3
ESSP 200Sustainability Science3
Two electives from the following proposed ESSP courses6
Environmental Change: Adaptation Mitigation
Sustainable Food Systems
Land and Water Sustainability
Sustainable Energy
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Global Environmental Policy
Special Topics in Sustainability
Communicating Environmental Information
Three additional electives 19-10
Total Credits21-22
These may be fulfilled with ESSP courses or options from an approved list of courses in other UND departments; only two courses can be applied from the same department outside ESSP. The electives will be approved based on their topical contributions to the fundamentals of the sustainability pillars: environment, society and/or economy. The approved list may be subject to change each academic year. Additional or alternative course electives may be approved by the Coordinator of the ESSP Minor in Sustainability Studies on a semester by semester basis or upon student request.