Minor in Entrepreneurship

Nine Credits from Required Courses:
ENTR 101Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
ENTR 290Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Concept Development3
ENTR 386Financials for Entrepreneurs3
Three additional credits from the following ENTR Elective Courses:
ENTR 316Entrepreneur Law Operations3
ENTR 333New Product Development3
ENTR 375Small and Family Business3
ENTR 395Special Topics1-4
ENTR 450Venture Implementation3
ENTR 497Entrepreneurship Practice3
Four additional credits from The ENTR elective courses listed above or the following elective courses.
ENGR 410Technology Ventures1-3
ENGR 401Engineering Leadership Seminar1-3
or ENGR 490 Topics in Engineering
ENTR 395Special Topics1-3
ENTR 260Digital Technology for Entrepreneurs3