Graduate Cooperative Education

Some departments offer Graduate Cooperative Education. The course must meet the following minimum requirements set by the Graduate Committee:

  • The student must be in Approved status and in good academic standing (minimum 3.00 GPA).
  • The student must have completed a minimum of 9 credits of the Program of Study.
  • The nature of the Cooperative Experience must be relevant to the student’s approved Program of Study.
  • The student must have the approval of the department, i.e., department chair or graduate director, and of his/her advisor before the co-op begins.
  • The student must have the approval of the School of Graduate Studies dean prior to beginning the Cooperative Education experience.
  • Proper work experience on campus may be acceptable, but not employment in the department granting the co-op credit.
  • Credit will not be allowed for current career track positions.
  • No more than 20% of the Program of Study will be allowed for co-op credit.
  • The student will be required to present a seminar and submit a written report.
  • The co-op experience must be compensated.
  • Programs allowing cooperative education experiences must include cooperative experiences in their outcomes-based assessment activities.

The Department’s requirements for registration in Graduate Cooperative Education may be more stringent than the minimums set by the School of Graduate Studies.