Bachelor of Arts in American Indian Studies

Required 120 credits (36 of which must be numbered 300 or above, and 30 of which must be from UND) including:

I. Essential Studies Requirements (see University ES listing).

II. The Following Curriculum:

A. 36 credit hours in the Major

Of these, the following courses are required:

IS 230Approaches to Native Cultures3
IS 240Research and Writing in Indian Studies3
IS 395Ethnohistory of North America3
or IS 354 Dynamics of Conquest and Resistance
IS 410Indigenous Identities3
Electives from the American Indian Studies curriculum in accordance with advisor recommendations24
The maximum combined credit hours counting toward the accumulation of credits for the major in IS 430, 492, and 494 is nine. Any student taking more than a combined six credit hours in IS 430, IS 492, and IS 494 has to take these courses from at least two different faculty members.
Only one course from each of the following pairs will count toward the accumulation of credits for the major:
American Indians and Tradition
American Indians and Culture
History of the Sioux
Cultures of the Sioux
History of the Ojibwe
Cultures of the Ojibwe
History of the Three Affiliated Tribes
Cultures of the Three Affiliated Tribes
Total Credits36

B. In addition to the above curriculum, a concentration in an area or field other than American Indian Studies is also required of all majors.

This concentration may be met in the following ways:

  1. Proficiency in a language (equivalent to Level IV in a Native American or other language)
  2. A minor in another subject matter field