Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics (PPT)

Undergraduate Courses

PPT 301. Human Physiology. 4 Credits.

A study of the normal function of the human body with particular consideration given to the necessary background needed by students pursuing a course of study in Allied Health Sciences. There are three hours of formal classroom study, two hours of laboratory and an optional review period each week. Prerequisite: ANAT 204 and either BIOL 150/150L or CHEM 116/116L or CHEM 121/121L. F,S.

PPT 315. Human Pharmacology. 3 Credits.

A survey of the more important drugs used in medicine, including basic principles, clinical uses and possible adverse effects. Prerequisite: BIMD 220 and BIMD 221 or BIOL 442 and CHEM 116 and CHEM 116L, or CHEM 121 and CHEM 121L, or CHEM 122 and CHEM 122L. F,S.

PPT 410. Drugs Subject to Abuse. 2 Credits.

Biochemical, pharmacological, behavioral and therapeutic aspects of substance abuse. Prerequisite: Advanced undergraduate standing. S.

PPT 499. Readings in Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics. 1-4 Credits.

Topics and credits to be arranged with the instructor. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Repeatable to 4.00 credits. F,S,SS.