Continuing Enrollment - 996

Students who previously have registered for all of the necessary credits of coursework, research, Scholarly Project (995), Independent Study (997), Thesis (998), or Dissertation (999) on their approved Program of Study, but who have not completed their independent study, thesis, or dissertation, must register for 996 Continuing Enrollment each additional semester or summer session they are utilizing university facilities or the time of the faculty, (i.e., laboratories, libraries, examinations, advisement, etc.). The number of credits should be determined by the advisor to reflect the proportion of time devoted by the student to academic study that term. Advisor verification of the appropriateness of the number of 996 credits may be required.

A master's student may enroll in two regular semesters of 6 to 9 credits of 996 and a doctoral student may enroll in four regular semesters of 6 to 9 credits of 996. A regular semester is defined as the spring or fall term.  

Continuing Enrollment (996) credits will not count toward the requirements for the degree. Students may register for both regular credits and 996 credits in a given term if all other conditions have been met. Continuing Enrollment credits may be used to define a student’s enrollment status, (i.e., part-time or full-time), but are not financial aid eligible. The fee for Continuing Enrollment (996) cannot be waived.