Bachelor of Science with Major in Forensic Science

Required 120 credits (36 of which must be numbered 300 or above, and 30 of which must be from UND) including:

I. Essential Studies Requirements (see University ES listing)

II. Required curriculum

Required curriculum:
Required Courses
FS 120Introduction to the Forensic Sciences3
FS 345Forensic Science Seminar3
FS 346Analysis of Forensic Evidence3
FS 4003
PHIL 250Ethics in Engineering and Science3
CJ 201Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CJ 342Criminal Procedure3
CJ 352Criminal Investigation3
BIOL 150General Biology I3
BIOL 150LGeneral Biology I Laboratory1
BIOL 151General Biology II3
BIOL 151LGeneral Biology II Laboratory1
CHEM 121General Chemistry I3
CHEM 121LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory1
CHEM 122General Chemistry II3
CHEM 122LGeneral Chemistry II Laboratory1
CHEM 340Survey of Organic Chemistry CHEM 341 and CHEM 342 may be used to fulfill this requirement with program approval4
CHEM 340LSurvey of Organic Chemistry Laboratory CHEM 341L and CHEM 342L may be used to fulfill this requirement with program approval1
PHYS 161Introductory College Physics I4
or PHYS 211 College Physics I
PHYS 162Introductory College Physics II4
or PHYS 212 College Physics II
Select one of the following:
BIOL 470Biostatistics3-4
or MATH 321 Applied Statistical Methods
or SOC 326 Sociological Statistics
Select one of the following:
MATH 146Applied Calculus I3
or MATH 165 Calculus I
or MATH 166 Calculus II
Total Credits59-60


Forensic Chemistry

Required Courses
CHEM 333Analytical Chemistry3
CHEM 333LAnalytical Chemistry Laboratory1
CHEM 341Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 341LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory1
CHEM 342Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 342LOrganic Chemistry II Laboratory1
CHEM 370Drug Chemistry and Toxicology3
CHEM 441Instrumental Analysis I - Spectroscopy2
CHEM 442Instrumental Analysis II - Electrochemistry2
CHEM 443Instrumental Analysis III - Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry2
Total Credits21

Criminal Investigation

Required Courses
FS 347Firearms and Ballistics3
FS 348Bloodstain Pattern Analysis3
PSYC 362Psychology and Law3
CJ 210Introduction to Policing3
CJ 220Introduction to Courts3
CJ 320Cybersecurity Law and Investigations3
CJ 341Criminal Law3
Total Credits21

Forensic Biology

Required Courses
BIMD 301Biochemistry3
BIOL 315Genetics3
BIOL 320Forensic Biology3
BIOL 333Population Biology3
BIOL 410Molecular Biology Techniques4
BIOL 415Genomics4
FS 490Forensic Microbiology3
Total Credits23

To graduate with a B.S. in Forensic Science, a student must have a 2.2 cumulative GPA. Every student must fulfill all University, Essential Studies, and Departmental requirements. 

Optional supporting courses in related areas include ANTH 439, BIMD 220, BIMD 221, BIOL 336, BIOL 363, and BIOL 432.