Master of Science in Teaching and Leadership

Admission Requirements

  1. Complete the School of Graduate Studies online application.
  2. Submit the application fee.
  3. Submit a current resume or curriculum vitae
  4. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation that address the academic and professional qualities that support you for graduate work. These 3 letters should come from: a) a current education supervisor or administrator; b) a professional colleague or university professor that has knowledge of your work/work ethic; and c) a person of your choosing that can speak to your readiness for graduate work and potential for success.
  5. Send official transcripts from each institution attended to the School of Graduate Studies.
  6. Submit a response to all 4 of the Statement of Goals and Objectives questions.

Statement of Goals and Objectives

As part of the application process, the applicant must respond to the following questions: (suggested length = no more than 500 words per question response)

  1. Describe several personal and professional goals you would like to achieve in the next five years. Include in your description reasons why these goals are important to you.
  2. What are the characteristics, attitudes, values, and/or skills that you think will make you a good candidate for your [current and/or future] professional role?
  3. What have you already done professionally or personally of which you are proud? Please include a chronological history of all professional teaching or administration experiences, as well as academic honors or achievements you have earned.
  4. Review the specializations available to students in the MSTL program. Which of these are you interested in and explain why this specialization area aligns with your personal/professional goals identified in question 1.

Degree Requirements

The applicant must meet the School of Graduate Studies’ current minimum general admission requirements as published in the graduate catalog.

  1. A four-year bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university
  2. A minimum of 30 credits
  3. A maximum of one-fourth of the credit hours may be transferred from another institution, depending on the courses and grades, with director approval
  4. A cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.75 for all undergraduate work or a GPA of at least 3.0 for the junior and senior years of undergraduate work (based on A = 4.00)
  5. Maintenance of at least a cumulative 3.0 GPA for all MSTL classes
  6. Satisfy the School of Graduate Studies’ English Language Proficiency requirements as published in the graduate catalog.
  7. Successful completion of the program’s Exit Interview and/or Exit Survey

Core Requirements (14 credits)

EDL 512Leading K-12 Classroom Assessment and Grading3
EDL 513Leading K-12 Curriculum and Instruction3
T&L 532Leading K-12 Educator Learning3
T&L 569Action Research3
T&L 579Inquiry into Professional Practice3
EDL 997Independent Study2
T&L 997Independent Study2

Specialization Area Coursework (16 credits)

Choose one Specialization. The Specializations include the following: Principalship, Elementary Education, Instructional Coaching, Middle/Secondary Education, STEM Education, Behavioral Supports in Education, or Generalist.

Principalship Specialization - Requires up to three years of teaching experience (16 credits)
EDL 501Leadership and Organizational Behavior3
EDL 514Supervision and Staff Development3
EDL 519Principalship3
EDL 593Internship in Educational Leadership4
EFR 506Multicultural Education3
Elementary Education Specialization (16 credits)
T&L 518Curriculum and Methods for Teaching STEM3
T&L 519Social Studies in the Elementary School3
T&L 522Mathematics in the Elementary School3
T&L 530Foundations of Reading Instruction3
T&L 580Practicum in Schools3
T&L 596Individual Research in Education1
Instructional Coaching Specialization (16 credits)
T&L 563K-12 Classroom Based Coaching Practices3
T&L 564Designing Professional Development for K-12 Educators3
T&L 565K-12 Instructional Coaching Clinical3
T&L 596Individual Research in Education1
EDL 501Leadership and Organizational Behavior3
EFR 506Multicultural Education3
Middle/Secondary Education Specialization (16 credits)
EFR 500Introduction to the Foundations of Education3
T&L 542Models of Teaching3
T&L 577Assessment of Learning (Content Area Elective)3
T&L 580Practicum in Schools3
T&L 596Individual Research in Education1
Select any three credit content area elective3
STEM Education Specialization (16 credits)
T&L 518Curriculum and Methods for Teaching STEM3
T&L 552Online Teaching Practice & Innovation3
T&L 554Nature of Science and Science Education3
T&L 555Issues of Motivation and Equity in STEM Education3
T&L 556Constructivism in STEM Teaching and Learning3
T&L 580Practicum in Schools1
T&L 596Individual Research in Education1
Behavioral Supports in Education Specialization (16 credits)
SPED 541Methods and Applications in Behavior Analysis3
SPED 555Advanced Methods: Emotional Behavioral Disorders3
T&L 553Collaborative Relationships: Home, School and Community3
SPED 578Behavior Management3
SPED 590Special Topics in Special Education (Behavioral Assessment & Tiered Supports in Education )3
T&L 580Practicum in Schools1
T&L 596Individual Research in Education1
Generalist Specialization (16 credits)
Select five courses from any of the Specializations (15 credits) and one of the following two courses
T&L 580Practicum in Schools1
T&L 596Individual Research in Education1