University Courses

UNIV 501. Design Thinking for Social Innovation. 3 Credits.

This course will explore human-centered design, a creative problem solving model used to simplify complex challenges. Human-centered design process consists of steps such as: empathy, defining the problem, ideation, prototyping and testing, and reframing. Students will learn this process using a combination of academic and applied lessons in an interdisciplinary group of students. Completion of this course prepares students for design thinking and innovation professional certification by the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP). Passage of the course and the certification exams further prepares students for an internship opportunity through the UND Innovation Studio where interdisciplinary teams will use the human centered design process with an industry partner to collaborate on solving a complex, industry-specific challenge they are facing. Deliverables for the reflective writing and class participation will be different for graduate students and focus on managerial and leadership capacity building in addition to skill development. F,S.

UNIV 510. Design Thinking Internship. 1-3 Credits.

The UND Innovation Studio identifies an interdisciplinary student team to work alongside an industry partner to identify new solutions and/or help support implementation of new solution to solve a complex, industry-specific challenge. Students participating in the studio internship will have successfully completed a design thinking training course and passed a certification exam with the International Association of Innovation Professionals. The studio internship experience is designed so students apply the innovation process through real-world application of their design thinking training to address a current industry challenge. Upon completion of this experience, students will have developed a stronger understanding of their creative problem solving abilities, refined their communication and collaboration skills, and have an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses as an innovative young professional. Prerequisite: UNIV 501 or by permission. Repeatable to 9.00 credits. S/U grading. F,S,SS.

UNIV 529. Study Abroad.

1 to 12 credit equivalents in any one semester (repeatable with permission of the student's academic department); course required of students studying abroad to maintain full-time status; required prior approval from Graduate School; prior to registration, students will be involved in study abroad procedures inclusive of study abroad application, pre-departure orientation, credit transfer, and related study abroad processes outlined in the Study Abroad Handbook; courses to be taken during the study abroad semester must have pre-approval of the Graduate School, and grades earned will replace this marker course upon completion of credit transfer back to UND. Repeatable. F,S,SS.

UNIV 951. Graduate Teaching Assistantship.


UNIV 952. Graduate Research Assistantship.


UNIV 953. Graduate Service Assistantship.


UNIV 994. Professional Internship. 1 Credit.

1 credit, repeatable up to 3. Prerequisite: Graduate standing in major department and consent of the Graduate School. Students are placed in approved sites and are engaged in full-time professional practice to acquire knowledge and skills related to their area of study. Supervision must meet criteria established by the Program and the Graduate School. May be repeated up to three consecutive semesters. Enrolled students are granted full-time equivalent student status by the University. SP/UP grading except for the last semester of enrollmeent which is S/U grading only. Prerequisite: Graduate students admitted to Clinical Psychology or Counseling Psychology. Repeatable to 3.00 credits.