Minor in Middle Level Education

The Middle Level minor is open to students majoring in a field which leads to teacher licensure at the elementary or secondary level.

The following Middle Level Education (Grades 5-8) Curriculum is required:

T&L 339Educational Technology3
T&L 251Understanding Individuals with Different Abilities3
T&L 341Foundations of Middle Level Education2
T&L 350Development and Education of the Adolescent3
T&L 409Reading in the Content Areas3
T&L 433Multicultural Education3
T&L 465Middle Level Curriculum and Methods5
T&L 486Field Experience2
Total Credits24

Students completing the Middle Level minor with a major in Elementary Education have exceeded the endorsement requirement for a highly qualified teacher (grade 7 or 8). Although, Elementary Education majors with a Middle Level minor will need to complete a major equivalence in a core academic subject. Students are encouraged to meet with the middle school adviser to ensure that the requirements for teaching in the middle school have been met.

Students completing the Middle School minor with a major in a Secondary Education academic area will be considered highly qualified in that core content area.


These requirements may be impacted by changes at the federal and state level.