Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Required 124 credits (36 of which must be numbered 300 or above) including:

I. Essential Studies Requirements (see University ES listing).

II. Computer Science required courses 

CSCI 160Computer Science I 14
or CSCI 130 Introduction to Scientific Programming
CSCI 161Computer Science II 14
CSCI 242Algorithms and Data Structures 13
CSCI 265Introduction to Programming Languages 13
CSCI 266Tools and Techniques of Computing Practice3
CSCI 280Object Oriented Programming3
CSCI 289Social Implications of Computer Technology3
CSCI 327Data Communications3
CSCI 330Systems Programming 13
CSCI 363User Interface Design3
CSCI 364Concurrent and Distributed Programming3
CSCI 365Organization of Programming Languages 13
CSCI 370Computer Architecture 24
CSCI 435Formal Languages and Automata 23
CSCI 451Operating Systems I 23
CSCI 455Database Management Systems3
CSCI 463Software Engineering3
CSCI 492Senior Project I 23
CSCI 493Senior Project II 23
Total Credits60

III. Program Required Electives

CSCI electives 312
Total Credits12

IV. College of Engineering and Mines Requirements 

EE 201
Introduction to Digital Electronics
and Digital Electronics Laboratory
Total Credits4

V.  Requirements outside of the College of Engineering and Mines

MATH 165Calculus I4
MATH 166Calculus II4
MATH 207Introduction to Linear Algebra2
MATH 208Discrete Mathematics3
2 Approved laboratory science courses 48
Approved probability/statistics elective 43
Total Credits24

Grade of 'C' or higher required


Must be taken at UND


A combined total of 6 credits from CSCI 397 Cooperative Education or CSCI 399 Topics in Computer Science or CSCI 494 Special Projects in Computer Science may be applied toward these electives. The remaining electives must be UND Computer Science lecture courses numbered 300 or above.


Lists of currently recommended courses for the laboratory science courses and probability/statistics elective are available from the SEECS; other courses may be accepted with approval from your advisor or the SEECS undergraduate program director.