Fine Arts

9 credit hours required in Fine Arts and Humanities combined.

Must be taken in a minimum of 2 departments and also must include at least 3 credits designated as Fine Arts and at least 3 credits designated as Humanities.

Some of these courses are also approved to meet one of the Special Emphasis requirements.

Code Title CreditsGoalsSpecial Emphasis
ART 112Two & Three Dimensional Design3CIA, O, WC
ART 200Intro to Sculpture3CIA
ART 204Intro to Jewelry & Metalsmithing3CIA
ART 220Intro to Painting3CIA
ART 230Intro to Drawing3CIA, IKS, O
ART 240Intro to Printmaking3CIA
ART 245Intro to Black and White Photography3CIA
ART 250Intro to Ceramics: Handbuilding3CIA, IKS, O
ART 253Intro to Ceramics: Throwing3CIA
ART 260Intro to Color Photography3CIA, IKS, O
ART 272Digital Foundations3CIA
ART 273Intro to Graphic Design3CIA
COMM 339Digital Video Production *3WCA
ENGL 226Introduction to Creative Writing3CIA
ENGL 308The Art of Writing Nonfiction3WCA
Fine Arts
FA 150Introduction to the Fine Arts *3CIA
MUSC 100Introduction to the Understanding of Music *3CIA
MUSC 101Fundamentals of Music *3CIA
MUSC 150Class Lessons1CIA
MUSC 260Concert Choir1CIA
MUSC 263Varsity Bards Chorus1CIA
MUSC 264Allegro Chorus1CIA
MUSC 270Wind Ensemble1CIA
MUSC 271University Band1CIA
MUSC 272Marching/Athletic Band1CIA
MUSC 273Instrumental Jazz Ensemble1CIA
MUSC 275University Chamber Orchestra1CIA
MUSC 345Introduction to Songwriting3WC
Theatre Arts
THEA 110Introduction to Theatre Arts *3CIA
THEA 125Introduction to Theatrical Design3IL
THEA 161Acting I3CIA
THEA 260Costume Craft3CIA
THEA 270Stagecraft3CIA
THEA 326Lighting for Stage3CIA
*Course offered online