Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Languages/Teacher Certification

Through a partnership with the College of Education and Human Development and the Department of Teaching and Learning, students may seek teacher licensure in a language. The following program of study must be completed:

I. Requirements for the B.A. with a major in a Language.

II. Humanities requirements:

HIST 101Western Civilization I3
HIST 102Western Civilization II3
English courses beyond College Composition II4
Total Credits10

III. Additional requirements for licensure in French, German or Spanish

Phonetics (with grade no lower than B)2
Advanced Grammar (with grade no lower than B)2

A course in civilization of the country or countries in which the language is spoken is also strongly recommended.

IV. Admission to the Teacher Education program, normally while taking T&L 250 Introduction to Education. (See College of Education and Human Development for admission and licensing requirements.)

V. The program in Secondary Education, to include:

T&L 250Introduction to Education3
T&L 252Child Development3
T&L 319Integrating Diverse Needs in Educational Settings3
T&L 339Educational Technology2
T&L 345Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment3
T&L 386Field Experience1
LANG 400Methods and Materials of Teaching Middle and Secondary School Foreign Language3
T&L 432Learning Environments3
T&L 433Multicultural Education3
T&L 486Field Experience1
T&L 487Student Teaching **16
T&L 488Senior Seminar1
Total Credits42

T&L 390 Special Topics, may be taken as an elective (supervised by Languages Department Faculty)


A full semester of student teaching, normally taken during the semester of graduation

Language majors seeking teacher licensure must have an adviser in both the Languages Department and the Department of Teaching and Learning.