9 credit hours required.

Student must take ENGL 110 and ENGL 130 as well as at least 3 credits of oral communication

Code Title CreditsGoalsSpecial Emphasis
ENGL 110College Composition I *3Written Communication
ENGL 130Composition II: Writing for Public Audiences *3Written Communication
Oral Communication Courses
BME 481Senior Innovation Based Learning II *3Oral Communication
COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking *3Oral Communication
RHS 200Helping Skills in Community Services *3Oral Communication
GEOL 356Geoscience Lectures *1Oral Communication
GEOL 421Seminar I *1Oral Communication
GEOL 422Seminar II *1Oral Communication
CE 482Civil Engineering Design I *3Oral Communication
CHE 412Plant Design II: Process Project Engineering *5Oral Communication
CHE 413Plant Design II: Preliminary Process Project Engineering *3Oral Communication
CSCI 289Social Implications of Computer Technology *3Oral Communication
EE 481Senior Design II *3Oral Communication
ME 488Engineering Design *3Oral Communication
PTRE 484Research Design *3Oral Communication
*Course offered online