Annual Graduate Student Evaluation

Graduate Students have a right to periodic evaluations to assess their academic progress, performance, and professional potential. The evaluation will be completed by the advisor or committee chair and may consult committee members, course instructors, graduate assistantship advisors, or others that have worked with the student during the evaluation period.

A self-evaluation by the student, written evaluation and meeting are required at least once per academic year (August 15 - May 15). Departments may use the School of Graduate Studies Annual Graduate Student Evaluation template, or they may use their own. Regardless of which template is used, the evaluation must include a student self-evaluation, a written evaluation by the advisor or committee chair, and an in-person or virtual meeting between both parties. Evaluations must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies once per year for each student to be stored in the student record.

Forms and instructions on how to use them can be found on the School of Graduate Studies website.