Graduate Credit

Graduate credit may be earned only by students enrolled in the School of Graduate Studies and in courses listed in the Graduate section of the Academic Catalog. Graduate level courses outside of a student’s major program are eligible for use in the major or minor of any Program of Study for a Graduate Degree, subject to the approval of the student’s advisor or Faculty Advisory Committee and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. All UND courses numbered 300 and above may be applied to the cognate part of a Program of Study. At least one-half of the credits for all degrees must be in courses numbered 500 or higher.  Graduate credit will not be given for courses that are not approved for graduate credit at the time that they are taken. Courses taken for undergraduate credit cannot be retaken for graduate credit.

Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Courses

A limited number of upper level undergraduate courses may be approved for graduate credit with approval of the Graduate Committee and University Curriculum Committee. It is understood that the student will be required to do additional work of greater complexity, over and above that typically required for undergraduates.

NOTE: The 300 or 400 level courses listed in this section of the catalog were approved by the Graduate Committee for graduate credit on the basis that the student be required to do additional work, generally of an independent nature.

Graduate Work by Undergraduates

Graduate courses normally are open only to graduate students. An undergraduate senior at UND may enroll in graduate courses (500 level) for undergraduate credit. All undergraduate students must have the permission of the instructor and School of Graduate Studies Dean to take a graduate course. Requests for approval must be submitted on the “Petition for Graduate Credit as an Undergraduate Student,” which is available from the School of Graduate Studies.

Students classified as Seniors may petition the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies requesting permission to enroll in graduate level courses for graduate credit. For this petition to be considered, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The graduate credits being petitioned are not needed to complete requirements for the baccalaureate degree.
  2. The graduate course(s) are listed in the current School of Graduate Studies Catalog.
  3. The petition is filed by the last day to add a full-term course.
  4. The student has senior standing (90 credits).
  5. The student’s load is not more than 16 credits in a regular semester or 8 credits in a summer session.
  6. The student’s overall GPA is at least 3.00.
  7. The course(s) are not taken for S/U grading.
  8. Student cannot be admitted to an Accelerated or Combined program.