Master of Science in Nurse Educator

This program is not currently accepting applications.

Admission Requirements

Approved admission to the Master of Science degree program requires the following of all students:

  1. Completion of a baccalaureate degree or higher from an accredited nursing program
  2. An undergraduate or graduate statistics course
  3. A minimum GPA of at least 3.00 for the last two years of baccalaureate study
    (official transcripts must be submitted)
  4. Current U.S. unencumbered RN licensure (upload Nursys verification report in application)
  5. Student resides in a state in which the University of North Dakota is approved to deliver the Graduate Nursing Program
  6. If enrolled in a previous graduate nursing program(s), a letter of good standing from the program director(s) is required unless a degree was conferred
  7. Three letters of recommendation
  8. Current resume or curriculum vitae
  9. Statement of goals
  10. One year of experience as a registered nurse preferred – track specific experience desirable
  11. Satisfy the School of Graduate Studies' English Language Proficiency requirements as published in the graduate catalog.
  12. Interview may be required (via web, phone, or in person)
  13. Successful passage of criminal background check and drug screen will be required upon offer of admission
  14. Satisfaction of current health and immunization policy of the Department of Nursing will be required upon offer of admission

Degree Requirements

Students seeking the Master of Science in Nursing degree at the University of North Dakota must satisfy all general requirements set forth by the School of Graduate Studies as well as particular requirements set forth by the College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines.

  1. A minimum of 30 semester credits in a major field.
  2. At least one-half of the credits must be at or above the 500-level.
  3. A maximum of one-fourth of the credit hours required for the degree may be transferred from another institution.

Required Courses:

Nurse Educator

NURS 500Theories/Concepts Nursing3
NURS 502Evidence for Practice3
NURS 523Health Promotion3
NURS 526Ethical, Legal and Health Policy Issues2
NURS 509Foundations for Nurse Education3
NURS 570Key Concepts in Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Physical Assessment for Nurse Educators4
NURS 566Curriculum Development3
NURS 567Teaching Methodologies3
NURS 536Advanced Nurse Educator Practice of Health Promotion2
NURS 568Teaching Practicum2
NURS 569Assessment and Evaluation3
NURS 997Independent Study2
Total Credits33