Bachelor of Arts with a Major in German Studies

A major in German Studies consists of: four introductory lower-level courses and 27 credit hours above GERM 202

Four introductory lower-division courses
GERM 101First Year German I4
GERM 102First Year German II4
GERM 201Second Year German I4
GERM 202Second Year German II4
27 credits required from the sections below
6 credits must come from the following:
LANG 380Global Gateways3
LANG 480Capstone: Global Connections3
21 elective credits from the following. Note: A maximum of 6 credits may come from 206, 306, and 406.
GERM 206Germany in a Global World3
GERM 306Contextualizing Culture: Introduction to German Studies3
GERM 304German Phonetics: History, Dialect, and the Living Language3
GERM 307Communicating Cultures I3
GERM 308Communicating Cultures II3
GERM 310Screening German Cultures3
GERM 404German Stories, German Histories3
GERM 405Mediating Cultures: Social Discourse in German-Speaking Countries3
GERM 406Literary Voices in Translation3
GERM 409Madness and Genius: An Introduction to German Intellectual History3
GERM 413Advanced German Grammar Review3
LANG 318Individual Arranged Study Abroad1-12
LANG 320Faculty-Led Study Abroad1-12
Majors and minors are encouraged to make their interests known early in their academic career, including the desire to study in a German-speaking country, particularly for programs administered through partner institutions. In addition to the department-wide Arneberg and Larsen scholarships, the German Program, awards the Max Kade, Stoltz and Rogers scholarships as well as the Boswau Endowment Fund exclusively to qualified students of German.