Educational Leadership (EDL)

EDL 210. Exploring Educational Leadership. 2 Credits.

This course offers students an opportunity to explore educational leadership in the university and education community through a variety of perspectives. As a framework to explore leadership concepts, the course focuses on the consciousness of self, congruence, commitment, critical thinking, and communication as factors that contribute to leadership development. On demand.

EDL 211. Educational Leadership Skills & Techniques. 3 Credits.

This course explores both the theoretical concepts and application of educational leadership from a standpoint of the self, groups, and the community. Framed within the context of the university and surrounding educational communities, students engage in skill development and technique building exercises through experiential activities including a service learning project. On demand.

EDL 299. Special Topics in Educational Leadership. 1-3 Credits.

This course explores a special topic that is not regularly included in the available course offerings such as a current issue or concept. The primary focus of the class may vary year-to-year. Repeatble to 3 credits. Repeatable to 3.00 credits. F,S.