Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is an academic program that provides students with opportunities to both integrate and combine their course learning with practical, professional work experience in their chosen field of study. Cooperative Education experiences allow students to secure salaried, career-related work experiences under the supervision of both a sponsoring employer and the appropriate academic department, while at the same time receiving academic credit. The program is based on the belief that learning extends beyond the classroom and that the combination of course learning and practical work experience provides an innovative and comprehensive education.

Students spend from 3-9 months on Cooperative Education assignment. Academic credit is granted by the participating academic department through the student’s enrollment in the department’s course titled, Cooperative Education 397. For part-time coop where the student works a minimum of 20 hours per week, the student will enroll in Cooperative Education 397 for 1 academic credit but will be considered half-time for financial aid and enrollment reporting purposes.  For full-time coop, where the student works full-time, usually a minimum of 40 hours per week, the student will enroll in 2 academic credits but will be considered full-time for financial aid and enrollment reporting purposes.

The Cooperative Education Program, a part of Career Services, is located in McCannel Hall, Room 280. For information, call 777-4105.