Enrolling in More than One Program

Degree and Certificate Program

Students may enroll in a degree program and a certificate program at the same time and use all credits toward both programs if applicable.

Two Master's Programs

Students may enroll in more than one master's level degree program at the same time. To work toward two degrees at the same time, the student must apply and be accepted to both programs; must submit a separate program of study for each degree; and must form two separate advisory committees.

Undergraduate students admitted to an Accelerated/Combined program may only be enrolled in one program at a time. Once they complete their undergraduate degree and are matriculated as a graduate student, they may apply to a second degree program if they wish.

Courses agreed upon by both committees may be applied to both programs. Up to 9 credits may be used for both degrees and should be indicated on the program of study for each degree.

Doctoral Students

A student enrolled in a doctoral program cannot be enrolled in another degree program at the same time.

Some direct admit doctoral programs allow students to earn a master's degree on the way to their doctoral degree. This is allowed when both degrees are in the same program.