Advanced Communication

3 credit hours required.

Many of these courses also satisfy Breadth of Knowledge or Capstone requirements.

Code Title CreditsGoalsBOK Area
ACCT 450Contemporary Issues in Accounting3Written Communication
ACCT 501Seminar in Accounting Issues3Written Communication
ANTH 480Senior Seminar (Capstone)3Written Communication
ART 498Seminar in Art and Design Capstone (Capstone)3Written Communication
ATSC 492Senior Project I (Capstone)1Written Communication
ATSC 493Senior Project II (Capstone)2Written Communication
AVIT 485Aviation Senior Capstone (Capstone)3Written Communication
BIOL 480Senior Capstone Seminar (Capstone)3Written Communication
BIOL 481Fisheries & Wildlife Senior Capstone (Capstone)3Written Communication
BIOL 489Senior Honors Thesis (Capstone)1-15Written Communication
BADM 225Professional Communication for Business3Written Communication
BME 480Senior Innovation Based Learning I (Capstone) *3Written Communication
CHE 411Plant Design I: Process Design and Economics (Capstone)4Written Communication
CHEM 495Chemistry Capstone (Capstone)3Written Communication
CE 483Civil Engineering Design II (Capstone) *3Written Communication
CLAS 311Ancient Greek Theater3Oral CommunicationHumanities
COMM 310Media and Diversity *3Written CommunicationHumanities
COMM 339Digital Video Production *3Written CommunicationFine Arts
COMM 360Communicating Science *3Written Communication
COMM 374Principles of Strategic Communication *3Written CommunicationSocial Science
COMM 410Senior Capstone in Communication (Capstone) *3Information Literacy
CJ 401Administration of Criminal Justice Systems (Capstone) *3Written Communication
CSCI 492Senior Project I (Capstone) *3Written Communication
EE 480Senior Design I (Capstone)3Written Communication
ENGL 271Reading and Writing about Texts3Written CommunicationHumanities
ENGL 308The Art of Writing Nonfiction3Written CommunicationFine Arts
ENGL 408Advanced Public and Professional Writing3Written CommunicationHumanities
FS 499Forensic Entomology - From Crime Scene to Courtroom (Capstone)3Oral Communication
GEOG 454Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources (Capstone)3Written Communication
GEOE 484Geological Engineering Design (Capstone)3Written Communication
GEOL 420Geology Capstone (Capstone) *3Oral Communication
HIST 253History of Stuff3Written CommunicationHumanities
HIST 440Research Capstone (Capstone)3Written Communication
HON 489Senior Project: Honors Research (Capstone) *1-8Written Communication
IS 360Oral Traditions in American Indian Cultures3Oral CommunicationHumanities
IDS 280Interdisciplinary Thinking and Writing3Written Communication
IDS 495Service and Citizenship (Capstone)3Written Communication
KIN 491Senior Capstone (Capstone) *3Written Communication
LANG 380Global Gateways *3Written CommunicationHumanities
LAW 160 (Lawyering Skills I - Capstone)3Written Communication
LEAD 400Advanced Leadership3Oral CommunicationSocial Science
MATH 488Senior Capstone (Capstone)3Written Communication
ME 480Mechanical Engineering Seminar (Capstone)3Written Communication
MLS 449Capstone in Medical Laboratory Science (Capstone) *3Written Communication
MUSC 310Music History Survey I3Written CommunicationHumanities
MUSC 311Music History Survey II3Written CommunicationHumanities
MUSC 441Methods and Materials for Middle and Secondary School Music (Capstone)3Oral Communication
MUSC 490Seminar in Music (Capstone)3Oral Communication
NURS 450Transition to Practice: Seminar (Capstone)2Written Communication
NURS 453Clinical Practicum V: Transition to Practice (Capstone)3Written Communication
NURS 474Leadership & Professional Nursing Development (Capstone)3Written Communication
N&D 441Nutritional Biochemistry (Capstone) *4Written Communication
OLEE 470Environmental Interpretation3Oral Communication
OT 503Research Methods in OT 2: Outcomes to Translation to Practice (Capstone)4Written Communication
PTRE 485Senior Design (Capstone)3Written Communication
PHIL 304Existentialism & Phenomenology3Written CommunicationHumanities
PHIL 350Philosophy of Technology3Written CommunicationHumanities
PHIL 480Public Philosophy (Capstone)3Written Communication
PHYS 499Physics Capstone (Capstone)3Written Communication
PT 514Case Management I (Capstone)2Written Communication
PT 602Communication and Professionalism in Practice2Written Communication
PT 627Integrated Clinical Experience (Capstone)1-4Oral Communication
POLS 495Senior Colloquium in Political Science and Public Administration (Capstone)3Written Communication
PSYC 433Psychology of Learning *4Written CommunicationSocial Science
PSYC 460Advanced Social Psychology *3Written CommunicationSocial Science
RHS 493Senior Capstone Seminar (Capstone) *3Oral Communication
SWK 442Social Policy *3Written Communication
SOC 306Social Change and Social Movements3Written Communication
THEA 424History of the Theatre: Seventeenth Century to the Present (Capstone)3Written Communication
T&L 489Senior Capstone: Responsive Teaching (Capstone) *3Written Communication
*Course offered online