Minor in Peace Studies

Listed below are possible courses to fulfill the minor in peace studies; however specific courses will be tailored to each student and his/her chosen work sector/area of interest in consultation with the peace studies advisor.  A total of 33-35 credits are required from the sections below.

Four courses (16 credits) of the same foreign language; or two semesters each of Greek and Latin
CHIN 101First Year Chinese I4
CHIN 102First Year Chinese II4
CHIN 201Second Year Chinese I4
CHIN 202Second Year Chinese II4
FREN 101First Year French I4
FREN 102First Year French II4
FREN 201Second Year French I4
FREN 202Second Year French II4
GERM 101First Year German I4
GERM 102First Year German II4
GERM 201Second Year German I4
GERM 202Second Year German II4
NORW 101First Year Norwegian I4
NORW 102First Year Norwegian II4
NORW 201Second Year Norwegian I4
NORW 202Second Year Norwegian II4
CLAS 101First Year Latin I4
CLAS 102First Year Latin II4
CLAS 151First Year Greek I4
CLAS 152First Year Greek II4
SPAN 101First Year Spanish I4
SPAN 102First Year Spanish II4
SPAN 201Second Year Spanish I4
SPAN 202Second Year Spanish II4
Three courses (8-10 credits) in the student's chosen work sector
T&L 415Language and Literacy Development of English Language Learners3
ENGL 209Introduction to Linguistics3
MATH 277Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers3
MATH 4003
N&D 240Fundamentals of Nutrition3
N&D 335World Food Patterns3
N&D 345Community Nutrition3
GEOG 454Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources3
BIOL 426Birds Mammals4
BIOL 438Fisheries Management3
BIOL 439Conservation Biology3
BIOL 481Fisheries Wildlife Senior Capstone3
ESSP 200Sustainability Science3
ESSP 420Sustainable Energy3
GEOL 103Introduction to Environmental Issues3
GEOL 322Geology, Society, and the Environment3
BIOL 332General Ecology3
BIOL 364Parasitology2
BADM 101Introduction to Business3
ECON 3303
BIOL 430Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Fisheries3
Youth in Development
T&L 350Development and Education of the Adolescent3
LEAD 101Learning Leadership3
LEAD 400Advanced Leadership3
PSYC 250Developmental Psychology4
SWK 257Human Behavior and the Social Environment I3
SWK 424Generalist Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families3
Community Economic Development
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 210Introduction to Business and Economic Statistics3
ECON 303Money and Banking3
MGMT 300Principles of Management3
MGMT 310Organizational Behavior3
POLS 250Introduction to Public Administration3
POLS 220International Politics3
POLS 320Foreign Policies3
Three courses (9 credits) in intercultural competence (Essential Studies Intercultural Knowledge and Skills)
LANG 380Global Gateways3
ENGL 228Diversity in Global Literatures3
GEOG 250Introduction to Geopolitics3
GERM 306Contextualizing Culture: Introduction to German Studies3
ANTH 100Introduction to Anthropology3
ANTH 171Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 172Introduction to Archaeology3
ANTH 200World Prehistory3
ANTH 360Environmental Change Culture3
ANTH 371Cultural Dynamics3
ANTH 377North American Archaeology3
ANTH 379Culture Area Studies3
ANTH 385Antiquities, Culture and Law3
CSD 425Language, Multiculturalism and Communication Disorders3
GEOG 151Human Geography3
GEOG 161World Regional Geography3
HIST 101Western Civilization I3
HIST 102Western Civilization II3
HIST 105World Civilizations I3
HIST 106World History II, 1000 CE-present3
HIST 230A Cultural History of Science and Technology3
IS 3853
MUSC 203Music and Culture3
N&D 335World Food Patterns3
PHIL 2823
PHIL 315Philosophy of Race Postcolonialism3
PHIL 227Mysticism and Spirituality in Religion3
PHIL 1043
PHIL 105Religions of Asia3
PHIL 245Death and Dying3
PHIL 3163
PHIL 320Hinduism3
PHIL 380Buddhism3
WGS 225The Study of Women3
POLS 225Comparative Politics3
WGS 200Introduction to Gender Studies3