Maximum Period Allowed and Revalidation of Courses

Maximum Period Allowed for Graduate Programs and Revalidation of Courses

Graduate courses more than seven years old are considered obsolete and may not be counted to fulfill course requirements for an advanced degree program. Programs of study more than seven years old are also obsolete.

Obsolete UND graduate courses may be revalidated and may be counted toward an advanced degree on the recommendation of the student's Faculty Advisory Committee and with the consent of the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. In no case will more than one-half of a program of study be accepted for revalidation. Revalidation of an obsolete graduate course can be approved only if it can be demonstrated that a student's knowledge of the subject matter of the course is current. Oral and/or written examination on the subject matter of the course normally is required. Prior approval of the dean must be obtained for the proposed revalidation on the form titled "Revalidation of UND Graduate Course." 

Graduate work from another institution which is obsolete may not be revalidated for a UND graduate degree. Work which was part of a completed prerequisite graduate degree program does not become obsolete.