Master of Science in Applied Statistics

Admission Requirements

The applicant must meet the School of Graduate Studies’ current minimum general admission requirements as published in the graduate catalog. The program-specific requirements for MS in Applied Statistics include:

Students must have the coursework equivalent toMATH 165 Calculus I, MATH 166 Calculus II, MATH 265 Calculus III,MATH 207 Introduction to Linear Algebra, MATH 321 Applied Statistical Methods, and have computer programming experience at a level of CSCI 130 Introduction to Scientific Programming or higher. Coursework equivalent to MATH 421 Statistical Theory I and MATH 422 Statistical Theory II is recommended. If not, these courses would be required during the first year of the program.

MS in Applied Statistics Degree Requirements:

  1. Thirty-three credits including two credits satisfied by one of the following: Stat 997 Independent Study or Stat 994 Internship
  2. A minimum of 21 credits, including independent study or internship credits, must be in the major field of statistics.
  3. A minor field of study may be obtained by completing 9 semester credits from another department that offers a graduate program. Course choices must be approved by the Department of Mathematics for a minor.
  4. A cognate may be obtained by completing 9 semester credits from more than one department outside of statistics, or from a single department that does not offer a graduate program. Course choices for a cognate must be approved by the Department of Mathematics.
  5. At least 21 of the credits must be at or above the 500-level.
  6. A maximum of 9 credit hours required for the degree may be transferred from another institution.
  7. Preparation of a written independent study approved by the faculty advisor or written report summarizing internship experience.
  8. Successful completion of a comprehensive final examination on two general areas approved by the candidate's faculty advisor.
Required Courses Category I: (If not taken prior to entering the MS in Applied Statistics program.) 0-6
MATH 421Statistical Theory I3
MATH 422Statistical Theory II3
Required Courses Category II: 6
STAT 500Computing for Statistics1
STAT 541Linear Statistical Models3
STAT 997Independent Study2
Elective Courses: (at least 15 credits at 500 level or above)21-27
STAT 542Advanced Topics in Statistics and Probability May be repeated for up to 12 credits provided different topics are covered.3
STAT 543Design of Experiments3
STAT 545Multivariate Statistics3
STAT 547Time Series3
STAT 551Statistical Graphics3
STAT 553Modern Nonparametric Statistics3
STAT 555Applied Bayesian Statistics3
MATH 416Topics in Statistics May be repeated for up to 12 credits provided different topics are covered.3
MATH 442Linear Algebra If not taken as part of undergraduate degree.3
MATH 460Mathematical Modeling If applications covered are statistical in nature.3
Non-departmental Courses (as approved by the Mathematics department)0-6