Forensic Science

FS 120. Introduction to the Forensic Sciences. 3 Credits.

Introduction to Forensic Sciences is for those who are curious about the many fields of the forensic sciences but have no previous background in: a) science; and/or b) forensic science. Forensic science is the study and application of science to the process of law and involves the collection, examination, evaluation, and interpretation of evidence. This course will provide the students with a greater understanding of the role of forensic science in society and the criminal justice system. F.

FS 345. Forensic Science Seminar. 3 Credits.

In this course, students will learn to analyze scientific literature, write peer scientific reviews, and prepare scientific presentations for class discussion. Students will be introduced to concepts, technologies, and methodologies that can be applied in forensic laboratories and experimental research. F.

FS 346. Analysis of Forensic Evidence. 3 Credits.

Emphasis on the practical applications of the forensic sciences. Whenever possible and practical, hands-on exercises will reinforce course topics. Prerequisite: FS 345 with a grade of C or better; Forensic Science majors and Criminal Justice majors and minors only or by instructor's consent. S.

FS 400. Forensic Science Applied Experiences. 3 Credits.

Designed for all senior students majoring in Forensic Science. Students will participate in an applied experience related to their area of interest. This course will allow students to practice and improve critical thinking skills as well as oral and/or written communication skills. This course provides an opportunity for students to integrate and apply knowledge and skills obtained in Forensic Science. Prerequisite: Senior class standing. S.