Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security

This program prepares students who have a strong interest related to the field of cyber-physical security systems.

Admission Requirements

All of the general UND requirements for undergraduate enrollment, participation, and completion of a degree shall be required.

Degree Requirements

Required curriculum  (120 credits):

1. Electrical Engineering (43 credits):
EE 201Introduction to Digital Electronics2
EE 206Circuit Analysis3
EE 206LCircuits Laboratory I1
EE 304Computer Aided Measurement and Controls3
EE 313Linear Electric Circuits3
EE 313LCircuits Laboratory II1
EE 314Signals and Systems3
EE 314LSignal and Systems Laboratory1
EE 318Engineering Data Analysis3
EE 321Electronics I3
EE 321LElectronics Laboratory I1
EE 405Control Systems I3
EE 405LControl Systems Laboratory1
EE 421Electronics II3
EE 421LElectronics Lab II1
EE 480Senior Design I3
EE 481Senior Design II3
2. Electrical Engineering electives with a focus on Cyber Security (15 credits from the following):
EE 508Intelligent Decision Systems3
EE 526Engineering Systems Reliability3
EE 534Advanced Wireless Communications Engineering3
EE 540Computer Networks Communications3
EE 542Network Architectures3
EE 551Cryptography Techniques and their VLSI Implementations3
EE 552Advanced Embedded Systems Design3
EE 611Emerging Threats and Defenses3
EE 612Spread Spectrum Communications for Cyber Security3
EE 613Advanced Cyber Security Principles3
EE 615Cyber Forecasting3
EE 616Cyber-Physical Energy Systems Security3
EE 617Data Operations and Security3
EE 623Introduction to Smart Grid I3
EE 624Introduction to Smart Grid II3
EE 640Communication Protocols: OSI model and TCP/IP Protocol Stack3
EE 740Intrusion Detection Algorithms3
EE 750Internet of Things and Security3
EE 751Wireless Sensor Networks3
EE 752Introduction to Autonomous Systems3
3. Electives from other departments (15 credits from the following):
CSCI 130Introduction to Scientific Programming4
or CSCI 160 Computer Science I
CSCI 161Computer Science II4
CSCI 2303
CSCI 387Secure Software Engineering3
CSCI 389Computer and Network Security3
CSCI 388Exploit Analysis and Development3
CSCI 487Penetration Testing3
CJ 320Cybersecurity Law and Investigations3
MATH 208Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 425Cryptological Mathematics3
PSYC 301Industrial and Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 370Cyber Security, Big Data, Human Behavior3
PSYC 372Behavioral Design Digital Products3
PSYC 433Psychology of Learning4
PSYC 436Perception4
PSYC 439Cognitive Psychology4
4. Required courses from other departments (55 credits):
MATH 165Calculus I4
MATH 166Calculus II4
MATH 207Introduction to Linear Algebra2
MATH 265Calculus III4
MATH 266Elementary Differential Equations3
PHYS 251University Physics I4
PHYS 252University Physics II4
ENGL 110College Composition I3
ENGL 130Composition II: Writing for Public Audiences3
ENGR 460Engineering Economy3
Essential Studies (Social Science)9
Essential Studies (Arts & Humanities)9
Total Credit Hours120