Minor in Geospatial Technologies

This is a 21-credit minor that provides an introduction and advanced skills in geospatial technology including GIS, and remote sensing:

GEOG 274Introduction to Geospatial Technologies3
GEOG 374Environmental Remote Sensing2
GEOG 374LEnvironmental Remote Sensing Laboratory1
GEOG 471Cartography and Visualization2
GEOG 471LCartography and Visualization Laboratory1
GEOG 474Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)2
GEOG 474LGIS Laboratory1
GEOG 475Digital Image Processing3
GEOG 476Selected Topics in Geographic Information Systems3
Selected Topics in Geographic Information Systems *
Directed Studies in Geographical Problems
Computer Applications in Geology and Environmental Science
Computer Science I
Introduction to Scientific Programming
General Surveying
and General Surveying Laboratory
*must be different topic from required GEOG 476 class