The academic year calendars giving the dates of registration appear at the beginning of the catalog. Details concerning the registration procedure are given in the Semester Information, which is available at: The University of North Dakota complies with NDUS Policy 402.1.2. for placement into Math and English. Students must be registered to attend a class. A student accepts responsibility for payment of tuition and fees when he/she registers in classes at the University of North Dakota.

Change of Registration

After a student has registered, he or she should consult with his or her advisor before changing the registration. Students should be aware that all drops after the first day of class could affect their ability to have financial aid in future term. The last day to drop a full-term course for all students is on the Friday four weeks preceding the last class day of each term. (See also Summer Sessions deadlines on the academic year calendar.) Thereafter, a student may not cancel from individual courses but must carry them to completion.

The last day to drop a class of less than the full semester in length (a mini-class) is a day two-thirds of the duration of the class.

If a course is dropped within the first 10 calendar days of the semester, no indication of enrollment is made on the student’s permanent academic record. If a course is dropped after the first 10 calendar days of the semester, the enrollment is recorded on the student’s permanent academic record and a “W” is entered in the grade column. However, all courses for which the student is enrolled after the tenth day of the term will count toward their satisfactory progress for financial aid.

No change in registration involving addition of a new course or a change of sections is permitted after the tenth calendar day of instruction of the semester (except during Summer Session). Changes to or from credit to audit is the last day to add. Changes to or from S-U grading are permitted until the last day to drop the course. The specific deadlines for the various types of changes of registration are published in the Semester Information each semester at:

Verifying student participation for dropped courses, official withdrawals, and unofficial withdrawals:

Students who drop courses, officially withdraw, or unofficially withdraw will have their financial aid eligibility reviewed due to their change in enrollment. Federal regulations require that students who receive federal financial aid must attend or academically participate in the number of credits for which they received financial aid for.

A new requirement for faculty has been added to the grade roster program pursuant to Federal Financial Aid monitoring regulations that will affect any final grade rosters in which a grade of F or U is assigned. 

There are now 3 varieties of F and U grades: 

  1. A grade entered as F (or U) means that the student finished the course but earned a failing grade. 
  2. A grade entered as FNN (or UNN) means that the student never participated in the class and never dropped it and must therefore receive a failing grade.
  3. A grade entered as FN (or UN) means that the student did participate in the class, but stopped attending/participating at some pointIn this case, the system will require you to enter a date of last participation for the student, and will not let you change the status of the roster to “approved” unless you do so. Please keep this in mind for any classes where you will be entering a failing grade for any student who is failing because they stopped attending/participating.

Note that FN and FNN will print as a grade of F on the student’s transcript (and the UN and UNN will print as U), but the different types of F and U grades will remain on the roster record to allow Financial Aid to obtain “attendance” information that they are required to monitor.

Some examples of “attendance” or “attendance at an academically-related activity” include:

  • Physical class attendance where there is an opportunity for direct interaction between instructor and students
  • Submission of an academic assignment
  • Taking an exam, completing an interactive tutorial, or participating in computer-assisted instruction
  • Attending a study group that is assigned by the school
  • Participation in an online discussion about academic matters
  • Initiating contact with a faculty member to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course

Please advise students to contact the Financial Aid Office before they drop a course or officially withdraw from the University as we can discuss how it may negatively impact their financial aid.

Instructor's Drop Policy

An instructor may submit a list of students to be deleted from class roles who have neither attended class nor notified the instructor of withdrawal within the first five days from commencement of University instruction. The Registrar will delete from the class rolls the names of students and will send a notice to each student dropped from a course in this manner.

Not all instructors follow this policy since it is not mandatory. Students, therefore, are strongly advised not to assume that they have been dropped from a course. Students should review their registration status in a course in question through Campus Connection.

Withdrawal from University

A student wishing to withdraw from the University before the end of a semester must complete a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form located at: Questions regarding the process can be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

The last day a student may withdraw registration without grades, but with a “W,” is the Friday four weeks preceding the last class day of the term. (See also Summer Sessions deadlines). After that time a student should continue classes to completion. An exception to this rule is that a student may have his or her registration withdrawn without grades, but with a “W,” for cause (major mental or physical illness or other significant incapacity) providing both the student’s Academic Dean and the Associate Vice President for Student Services agree to this course of action. Please note: Any withdrawal within the first ten calendar days of the semester reflects on the transcript as “withdrew” and the date. Anytime a student withdraws after the first ten calendar days of the semester, a “W” grade for each course, indicating the withdrawal, will appear on the student’s transcript. All courses in which the student was enrolled on the first day of the term will be considered when assessing satisfactory progress for financial aid purposes.

A student who leaves the University without obtaining an official withdrawal is given an “F” in all courses.