Bachelor of Science in Social Work Second Degree Program

The student who has secured a bachelor’s degree in a related field and wishes to secure a bachelor’s degree in social work can complete the “Second Degree Program.” The Second Degree Program allows a student to secure a BSSW in one year. Satisfactory completion of a bachelor’s degree in a related field and prerequisites or corequisite of statistics and human biology from an accredited institution are required. Second Degree students must fulfill essential studies requirements or have the equivalent to graduate with a BSSW degree from UND.

If accepted into the Second Degree Program, the schedule to complete the undergraduate degree in one year* is as follows:

Full-Time Second Degree Schedule for BSSW (39 hours)

Plan of Study Grid
SWK 255 Introduction to Social Work 4
SWK 257 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I 3
SWK 317 Social Work Research 3
SWK 424 Generalist Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families 3
Social Work Elective 2
SWK 357 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II 3
SWK 434 Generalist Social Work Practice with Task and Treatment Groups 3
SWK 442 Social Policy 3
SWK 454 Generalist Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations 3
Fourth Year
SWK 481 Field Education I 5
SWK 482 Field Education Seminar I 1
SWK 483 Field Education II 5
SWK 484 Field Education Seminar II 1
 Total Credits39

Students needing to fulfill essential studies requirements may require a longer period to complete the Fast Track.

Elective Social Work Courses

SWK 311Child Welfare3
SWK 312Social Work and the Legal Process
SWK 313Orientation to Gerontology3
SWK 315Substance Use and Abuse2
SWK 316Interprofessional Health Care1
SWK 318Mental Health2
SWK 397Cooperative Education1-4
SWK 489Senior Honors Thesis (repeatable to a maximum 6 credits)1-3
SWK 493ASpecial Topics (repeatable to a maximum 9 credits)1-3