Quantitative Reasoning

3 credit hours required.

Many of these courses also satisfy Breadth of Knowledge requirements.

Code Title CreditsGoalsBOK Area
ATSC 110Meteorology I3QMST
AVIT 468Non-RADAR Environment4CIA, QMST
BIOL 333Population Biology3CIA, QMST
CHE 431Chemical Engineering Laboratory IV3CIA, QMST
CHEM 115Introductory Chemistry *3CIA, QMST
CHEM 121General Chemistry I *3CIA, QMST
CHEM 122General Chemistry II *3CIA, QMST
CHEM 221Fundamentals of Chemistry - Concepts3CIA, QMST
CSCI 290Cyber-Security and Information Assurance *3QMST
EE 206Circuit Analysis *3QMST
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics *3CIA, QSS
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics *3CIA, QSS
ECON 210Introduction to Business and Economic Statistics3CIA, QMST
GEOG 121Global Physical Environment *3QMST
MATH 103College Algebra3QMST
MATH 105Trigonometry2QMST
MATH 115Introduction to Mathematical Thought3QMST
MATH 146Applied Calculus I3QMST
MATH 321Applied Statistical Methods *3Q
N&D 240Fundamentals of Nutrition *3QMST
PHE 102Epidemiology in Public Health3CIA, QSS
PHE 306Epidemiology and Biostatistics *3QMST
PHYS 110Introductory Astronomy3CIA, QMST
PHYS 130Natural Science-Physics4QMST
PHYS 161Introductory College Physics I4QMST
PHYS 211College Physics I4QMST
PSYC 241Introduction to Statistics *4QMST
SOC 326Sociological Statistics *3CIA, QMST
*Course offered online