Minor in French

A minor in French includes four introductory lower-division courses and a minimum of 15 credits at the 300 and 400 levels.

FREN 101First Year French I4
FREN 102First Year French II4
FREN 201Second Year French I4
FREN 202Second Year French II4

Students are required to take a minimum of one 300/400 level course in each of the categories. The capstone course may be used to fulfill the minor but is not required. The majority of 300/400 level courses have the potential to fulfill more than one category. Therefore, once a course has been designated, either by the student or the advisor, as fulfilling the requirements in one category, it may not also be used to fulfill the requirements of a second category.

Students are encouraged to participate in programs of travel and study in one or more French speaking countries. Credits earned on such programs may be counted toward a major or a minor in French. However, all majors and minors are required to take on campus a minimum of one course in each of the three areas (see above), regardless of the number of credits acquired through transfer, including study abroad.