Leadership Minor

The minor in leadership provides in-depth instruction on desired qualities of leaders, the relationship between leaders and followers, and explores what has contributed to successful leadership in a variety of fields.  The courses and experiences provide the training necessary for UND graduates to serve as leaders in their community and professions. For further information, contact the Office of Academic Advisement in the Nistler College of Business and Public Administration 701.777.2975

Nine Credits from the Courses listed below
LEAD 101Learning Leadership3
LEAD 400Advanced Leadership3
MGMT 300Principles of Management3
Three Credits (minimum) from the (Ethics related) Courses listed below
ME 370Engineering Disasters and Ethics3
ENGR 340Professional Integrity in Engineering3
MGMT 360Business Ethics and Social Responsibility3
MS 302Military Science III3
PHIL 120Introduction to Ethics3
PHIL 253Environmental Ethics3
PHIL 254Unmanned Aircraft Systems Ethics3
PHIL 342Advanced Ethics3
At least four or more credits from two or more of the subcategories below (Leadership Skills, Leaders and their impact on Society, additional discussion of Leadership)
Leadership Skills
COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
COMM 212Interpersonal Communication3
COMM 313Persuasion3
COMM 401Organizational Communication3
BADM 225Professional Communication for Business3
Leaders and their Impact on Society
POLS 115American Government I3
PHIL 105Religions of Asia3
PHIL 217Religion in America3
WGS 225The Study of Women3
HIST 101Western Civilization I3
HIST 102Western Civilization II3
HIST 103United States to 18773
HIST 104United States since 18773
HIST 332Women in Early America3
HIST 333Women in Modern America3
MGMT 475Strategic Management3
The Topic of Leadership
MGMT 310Organizational Behavior3
POLS 351Women and Politics3
PSYC 301Industrial and Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 361Social Psychology3
PSYC 366Conflict Management3

Students who want to propose an alternative 'ethics-related' course to fulfill the ethics requirement should contact the Chairperson of the School of Entrepreneurship and Management for full consideration.


Various Military Science courses may satisfy some program requirements (Leadership Skills, Leaders and their impact on Society, additional discussion of Leadership).  Requests for approvals should be directed to the Chairperson of the School of Entrepreneurship and Management.