Certificate in Writing, Editing, and Publishing

The ability to present ideas and concepts articulately and in a professional style is highly valued by employers, no matter what the medium or context - print or digital; business or the academy. Courses are designed with three goals for student learning:

  • to introduce the role of information processing in our culture, both in print and electronic media;
  • to offer hands-on experience in the production of texts in academic and commercial contexts;
  • to promote the clear and concise dissemination of ideas and information.

The certificate is comprised of 15 credit hours. English courses taken for the certificate, with the exception of the required writing course, do not count towards the English major or minor. The following courses are required for the certificate:

Required courses:
ENGL 234Introduction to Writing, Editing, and Publishing3
ENGL 334Practicum in Writing, Editing, and Publishing3
ENGL 428Digital Humanities3
One of the following courses:
ENGL 226Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENGL 308The Art of Writing Nonfiction3
ENGL 408Advanced Public and Professional Writing3
One of the following courses:
ART 272Digital Foundations3
ART 273Intro to Graphic Design3
COMM 319Digital Imaging Across Platforms3
COMM 345Social Media Strategy3