Bachelor of Arts with Major in Psychology

Required 120 credits (36 of which must be numbered 300 or above, and 30 of which must be from UND) including:

I. Essential Studies Requirements (see University ES listing).

II. The Following Curriculum:

At least 36 major hours, including:
PSYC 111Introduction to Psychology *3
PSYC 241Introduction to Statistics4
PSYC 303Research Methods in Psychology4
PSYC 320Professional Development Ethics2
PSYC 405History and Systems of Psychology3
Students must complete at least TWO 400-level courses from the following:6-8
Diversity Psychology
Psychology of Learning
Physiology of Behavior and Psychophysiological Measurement
Cognitive Psychology
Case-Based Applied Statistics
Advanced Social Psychology
Intro Clinical Psychology
Students must also complete at least 2 credits of applied experience from the following:
PSYC 395Practical Experiences in Psychology1-4
PSYC 475Psychological Helping Skills2
PSYC 493Instructional Experiences in Psychology2

PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology is prerequisite to all other psychology classes. 

Required in other departments:

Level II proficiency in a foreign language, or equivalent proficiency in American Sign Language8
Select two of the following (with lab):8-9
Concepts of Biology
and Concepts of Biology Laboratory
General Biology I
and General Biology I Laboratory
General Biology II
and General Biology II Laboratory
Biological Bases of Behavior (includes lab)
Human Anatomy Physiology I
and Human Anatomy Physiology I Lab
Human Anatomy Physiology II
and Human Anatomy Physiology II Lab

B.A. and B.S. degree students can choose to complete the remainder of the 36 total psychology credits required by completing any additional elective psychology courses OR B.A. or B.S. degree students may choose to complete the major by fulfilling the specific 16 credits required in one of the following sub-plans. Completed sub-plans will appear on, and be documented by, a student's academic transcript. 

Clinical Science and Learning Sub-Plan
PSYC 250Developmental Psychology4
PSYC 270Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 331Behavior Modification and Therapy3
PSYC 335Health Psychology3
PSYC 360Introduction to Personality3
PSYC 366Conflict Management3
PSYC 433Psychology of Learning4
PSYC 437Physiology of Behavior and Psychophysiological Measurement4
PSYC 470Intro Clinical Psychology3
Social and Cultural Psychology Sub-Plan
PSYC 210Human Sexuality3
PSYC 301Industrial and Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 361Social Psychology3
PSYC 362Psychology and Law3
PSYC 365Psychology of Women and Gender3
PSYC 421Diversity Psychology3
PSYC 439Cognitive Psychology4
PSYC 460Advanced Social Psychology3