Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics with a Major in Air Traffic Management

NOTE: This program has a selective admission process. See your adviser for information.

Required: 120 credits (36 of which must be numbered 300 or above) including:

I.  Essential Studies Requirements (see University ES listing).

II.  School of Aerospace Sciences Requirements (see College section).

III.  The following curriculum:

Essential Studies Courses
ENGL 110College Composition I3
ENGL 130Composition II: Writing for Public Audiences3
COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
Social Science Electives9
Fine Arts and Humanities Electives9
ATSC 110Meteorology I3
ATSC 110LMeteorology I Laboratory1
MATH 103College Algebra3
Math, Science, and Technology Elective2
Aviation Courses
AVIT 100Aviation Orientation1
AVIT 102Introduction to Aviation5-6
or AVIT 105 Essentials of Flight
or AVIT 142
AVIT 143
Introduction to Aviation-Helicopter
and Private Pilot-Helicopter Certification Lab
AVIT 103Introduction to Air Traffic Management2
AVIT 126Introduction to UAS Operations2
AVIT 208Aviation Safety3
AVIT 250Human Factors2
AVIT 260Control Tower Operations I4
AVIT 261RADAR Operations I4
AVIT 362Advanced Tower Operations II4
AVIT 363RADAR Operations II4
AVIT 402Airport Planning and Administration3
AVIT 403Aerospace Law3
AVIT 464Control Tower/Radar Operations III4
AVIT 468Non-RADAR Environment4
AVIT 469Air Traffic Control Computer Equipment and Message Entry2
AVIT 470Enroute RADAR Operations4
AVIT 485Aviation Senior Capstone3
Other Requirements
COMM 212Interpersonal Communication3
MGMT 300Principles of Management3
or AVIT 311 Safety Management System (SMS)
or AVIT 312 Aircraft Accident Investigation
Select one of the following:3
BADM 225Professional Communication for Business3
or ENGL 230 Analyzing Worldview through Story
or ENGL 308 The Art of Writing Nonfiction
or ENGL 227 Literature and the Environment
Plus electives to total 120 credits. *22-23
Total Credits120

Students will be required to use their electives to establish expertise in a second field, which means completion of a second major, a minor, a specialization, or other degree sub-plans.  The Aviation Department may be consulted to discuss other sub-plan options.