9 credit hours required in Fine Arts and Humanities combined.

Must be taken in a minimum of 2 departments and also must include at least 3 credits designated as Fine Arts and at least 3 credits designated as Humanities. 

Some of these courses are also approved to meet one of the Special Emphasis requirements.

Code Title CreditsGoalsSpecial Emphasis
American Indian Studies
IS 121Introduction to American Indian Studies3IKS
IS 151Popular Culture and American Indians3IKS
IS 181Native North America to 16003IKS
IS 201History of the Sioux3IKSW
IS 203History of the Ojibwe3IKS
IS 204Cultures of the Ojibwe3IKSW
IS 207History of the Three Affiliated Tribes3IKSW
IS 221North American Indians before 18153IKS
IS 222North American Indians since 18153IKS
IS 346Gender in American Indian Cultures3IKS
IS 360Oral Traditions in American Indian Cultures3O, WCA
IS 395Ethnohistory of North America3IKS
ART 110Introduction to the Visual Arts *3CIA, IKS, WC
ART 210History of Art I3CIA, IKS, WC
ART 211History of Art II3CIA, IKS, O, WC
Arts & Sciences
A&S 252Introduction to Canadian Studies3WC
CHIN 101First Year Chinese I4IKS
CHIN 102First Year Chinese II4IKSD
CHIN 201Second Year Chinese I4IKS
CHIN 202Second Year Chinese II4IKSD
Classical Studies
CLAS 101First Year Latin I4IKS
CLAS 102First Year Latin II4IKSD
CLAS 151First Year Greek I4IKS
CLAS 152First Year Greek II4IKSD
CLAS 185Introduction to Classical Mythology3IKS
CLAS 201Second Year Latin I4CIA, IKS, WC
CLAS 202Second Year Latin II4CIA, IKS, WCD
CLAS 311Ancient Greek Theater3CIA, O, WCA
COMM 310Media and Diversity *3CIAA
ENGL 225Introduction to Film3CIA
ENGL 230Analyzing Worldview through Story3IKSW
ENGL 227Introduction to Literature and Culture3CIA
ENGL 271Reading and Writing about Texts3WCA
ENGL 315Shakespeare3CIA
ENGL 357Women Writers and Readers3IKSW
ENGL 359Young Adult Literature3IKSD
ENGL 365Black American Writers3IKSW
ENGL 367Indigenous Literatures3IKSW
ENGL 408Advanced Public and Professional Writing3WC, ILA
FREN 101First Year French I *4IKS
FREN 102First Year French II *4IKSD
FREN 201Second Year French I *4IKS
FREN 202Second Year French II *4IKSD
GERM 101First Year German I *4IKS
GERM 102First Year German II *4IKSD
GERM 201Second Year German I4IKS
GERM 202Second Year German II4IKSD
GERM 206Germany in a Global World3IKSD
GERM 306Contextualizing Culture: Introduction to German Studies3IKSW
GERM 406Literary Voices in Translation3IKSD
HIST 101Western Civilization I *3IKSD
HIST 102Western Civilization II *3IKSD
HIST 103United States to 1877 *3IKSD
HIST 104United States since 1877 *3IKSD
HIST 105World Civilizations I *3IKSD
HIST 106World History II, 1000 CE-present3IKSD
HIST 140Historical Detectives3CIA, IL
HIST 181Athletes as Activists3IKSD
HIST 201Civilizations3IKS
HIST 206History 206: History of Canada's First Nations3IKSW
HIST 220History of North Dakota3CIA, IKS
HIST 253History of Stuff3CIA, WCA
HIST 260Slaves, Citizens and Social Change3CIA, IKS, O, WCW
HIST 304The Holocaust3IKSW
HIST 310Monuments, Museums and Memory3IKSW
HIST 325American West3O, WCA
HIST 328Human Rights3IKSW
HIST 332Women in Early America3IKSW
HIST 333Women in Modern America3IKSW
HIST 370African-American History to 18773IKSW
HIST 371African-American History since 18773IKSW
HIST 405The United States: Age of Jefferson and Jackson, 1789-18503IKSW
HIST 406The United States: Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-18773IKSW
HON 101Research Scholars Cornerstone *3IKSD
HON 381Worldviews through the Humanities3-4IKSW
HON 391Advanced Colloquium in the Humanities1-4CIA
HUM 212Integrated Cultural Experience3CIA
HUM 300Knowledge, Truth and Reality1-3CIA
LANG 320Faculty-Led Study Abroad1-12IKSW
LANG 380Global Gateways *3WCA
MUSC 201Rock and Roll History I: From World War II to 1975 *3WC
MUSC 202MUSC 202 Rock & Roll History II: From 1975 to the Present *3WC
MUSC 203Music and Culture3IKSD
MUSC 310Music History Survey I3WCA
MUSC 311Music History Survey II3WCA
NORW 101First Year Norwegian I *4IKS
NORW 102First Year Norwegian II *4IKSD
NORW 201Second Year Norwegian I *4IKS
NORW 202Second Year Norwegian II *4IKSD
NORW 350Norwegian Culture3IKSW
PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy *3CIA
PHIL 103Introduction to Religious Studies3CIA
PHIL 105Religions of Asia3IKS, CIAD
PHIL 110Introduction to Logic3CIA
PHIL 120Introduction to Ethics3CIA
PHIL 130Introduction to Political Philosophy3CIA
PHIL 140Introduction to Philosophy of Education3CIA, O, WC
PHIL 217Religion in America3CIA
PHIL 227Mysticism and Spirituality in Religion3IKS, CIAD
PHIL 245Death and Dying3IKSD
PHIL 250Ethics in Engineering and Science3CIA
PHIL 251Ethics in Health Care3CIA
PHIL 253Environmental Ethics3IKS, CIAW
PHIL 254Unmanned Aircraft Systems Ethics3CIA
PHIL 300History of Philosophy3CIA
PHIL 304Existentialism & Phenomenology3CIA, WCA
PHIL 312American Philosophy3IKS, CIAD
PHIL 315Philosophy of Race & Postcolonialism3CIA, IKS, WCW
PHIL 320Hinduism3IKS, CIAD
PHIL 342Advanced Ethics3CIA, WC
PHIL 360Feminist Philosophy3IKS, CIAW
PHIL 380Buddhism3IKS, CIAD
PHIL 451Current Topics in Political Philosophy3CIA
Space Studies
SPST 300The Case for Space3CIA, IL, WC
SPAN 101First Year Spanish I *4IKS
SPAN 102First Year Spanish II *4IKSD
SPAN 201Second Year Spanish I4IKS
SPAN 202Second Year Spanish II4IKSD
Teaching & Learning
T&L 328Survey of Children's Literature *3O
Theatre Arts
THEA 230Text Analysis3CIA
THEA 401Theatre Study Abroad3IKSD
THEA 423History of the Theatre: Classical, Medieval and Renaissance3CIA
Women & Gender Studies
WGS 200Introduction to Gender Studies *3IKS, CIAD
WGS 225The Study of Women *3IKSW
*Course offered online