Diversity of Human Experience

3 credit hours required.

Many of these courses also satisfy Breadth of Knowledge requirements.

Code Title CreditsGoalsBOK Area
ANTH 171Introduction to Cultural Anthropology *3CIA, IKSSS
ANTH 172Introduction to Archaeology3IKSSS
ANTH 376The Aztec, Maya and Inca3IKSSS
ANTH 377North American Archaeology3CIA. IKSSS
AVIT 372Global Perspectives in Aviation History3SS
BADM 325Business Research Writing and Culture3IKS, WC
BIMD 220Human Anatomy & Physiology I3IKSMST
BIMD 221Human Anatomy & Physiology II3IKSMST
CHIN 102First Year Chinese II4IKSHum
CHIN 202Second Year Chinese II4IKSHum
CLAS 102First Year Latin II4IKSHum
CLAS 152First Year Greek II4IKSHum
CLAS 202Second Year Latin II4CIA, IKS, WCHum
COMM 212Interpersonal Communication *3IKSSS
CSD 425Language, Multiculturalism and Communication Disorders *3IKSSS
COUN 250Dialogue on U.S. Diversity3IKS
ENGL 359Young Adult Literature3IKSHum
FREN 102First Year French II *4IKSHum
FREN 202Second Year French II *4IKSHum
GEOG 151Human Geography *3IKSSS
GEOG 161World Regional Geography *3IKSSS
GERM 102First Year German II *4IKSHum
GERM 202Second Year German II4IKSHum
GERM 206Germany in a Global World3Hum
GERM 406Literary Voices in Translation3IKSHum
GEOG 463Regional Geography *2-3IKSSS
HIST 101Western Civilization I *3IKSHum
HIST 102Western Civilization II *3IKSHum
HIST 103United States to 1877 *3IKSHum
HIST 104United States since 1877 *3IKSHum
HIST 105World Civilizations I *3IKSHum
HIST 106World History II, 1000 CE-present3IKSHum
HIST 181Athletes as Activists3IKSHum
HON 101Research Scholars Cornerstone *3IKSHum
HON 102Leaders in Action Cornerstone *3IKSSS
MUSC 203Music and Culture3IKSHum
N&D 335World Food Patterns3IKSSS
NORW 102First Year Norwegian II *4IKSHum
NORW 202Second Year Norwegian II4IKSHum
NURS 331Patient & Family-Centered Nursing3IKS
NURS 490Transcultural Health Care Theories, Research, and Practice3CIA, IKS, WCSS
PHE 103Introduction to Global Health *3IKS, O, WCSS
PHIL 105Religions of Asia3CIA, IKSHum
PHIL 227Mysticism and Spirituality in Religion3CIA, IKSHum
PHIL 245Death and Dying3IKSHum
PHIL 312American Philosophy3CIA, IKSHum
PHIL 320Hinduism3CIA, IKSHum
PHIL 380Buddhism3CIA, IKSHum
POLS 120Global Perspectives3IKSSS
POLS 309American Indian Politics and Contemporary Issues *3IKS
POLS 318American Political Thought3IKS, WCSS
PSYC 421Diversity Psychology *3IKS
SPAN 102First Year Spanish II *4IKSHum
SPAN 202Second Year Spanish II4IKSHum
SOC 110Introduction to Sociology *3IKSSS
T&L 251Understanding Individuals with Different Abilities *3IKSSS
T&L 433Multicultural Education *3IKSSS
THEA 401Theatre Study Abroad3IKSHum
WGS 200Introduction to Gender Studies *3CIA, IKSHum
*Course offered online