Minor in Linguistics

Emphasizing both cognitive understanding and analytical skills, the undergraduate minor in Linguistics provides an introduction to the scientific study of language, as a supplement to a student’s primary academic concentration. Its purpose is to provide a foundation for a graduate degree or other further education in linguistics or related fields, and to prepare students for informed decision-making about language-related issues in their daily lives.

The total requirement for the minor is 19-20 credits, including the following:

Required Core Courses
ENGL 209Introduction to Linguistics3
CSD 223Phonetics3
ENGL 309Modern Grammar3
ENGL 442History of the English Language3
And Either
Two 101/102/201/202 foreign language courses 8
One 101/102/201/202 foreign language course4
ENGL 370Language and Culture3
Note: Of the English courses in the linguistics minor, only English 209 may also count towards the English major. The remaining English courses will not count for the major if being applied to the linguistics minor.