Specialization in International/Intercultural Communication

Undergraduate students in the Communication Program at UND may choose to acquire an International/Intercultural Communication specialization.

In order to achieve this written designation on their undergraduate transcript, students in Communication must earn the following additional credits:

Level IV Foreign Language Proficiency
LANG 101First Year Foreign Language I4
LANG 102First Year Foreign Language II4
LANG 201Second Year Foreign Language I4
LANG 202Second Year Foreign Language II4
Study Abroad Experience
Choose one of the following:
LANG 318Individual Arranged Study Abroad1-12
LANG 319University Sponsored Study Abroad1-12
Complete the Following Communication Courses
COMM 402Intercultural/International Communication3
COMM 310Media and Diversity3
COMM 497Internship1-3

Scholarship funding will be made available by the Communication Program on a competitive basis for students in this track, to assist with study abroad expenses.