Minor in Legal Studies

The Minor in Legal Studies requires a minimum of 21 total credit hours. Students must take elective courses from at least two different academic disciplines (CJ, PHIL, POLS, PSYC).

Required Courses 

A&S 351Introduction to Law and Legal Studies3
CJ 341Criminal Law3
PHIL 371Philosophy of Law3
POLS 305American Constitution-Governmental Powers3
Total Credits12

Elective Courses (9 credits): Select three courses from the following

CJ 220Introduction to Courts3
CJ 342Criminal Procedure3
CJ 365Law and Society3
PHIL 315Philosophy of Race Postcolonialism3
PHIL 355Social and Political Philosophy3
PHIL 360Feminist Philosophy3
PHIL 450Philosophy, Economics, and Politics3
POLS 306American Constitution-Civil Liberties3
POLS 318American Political Thought3
POLS 321International Human Rights3
POLS 432Public Policy Making Process3
PSYC 362Psychology and Law3