Certificate in Nonprofit Administration

Core Requirements
POLS 200Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector3
POLS 361Nonprofit Management (Undergrad)3
Elective (one course listed below) Elective can be selected from any of the three cluster areas below3
Total Credits9

Elective courses for the Certificate and Minor in Nonprofit Administration. Choose one 3-credit course from each area.

Select one course (your choice can be from any of the three clusters):3
ACCT 200Elements of Accounting I3
ACCT 315Business Law I3
COMM 401Organizational Communication3
ENTR 316Entrepreneur Law Operations3
ENTR 410Marketing and Management Concepts for Entrepreneurship3
ESSP 160Sustainability Society3
MGMT 300Principles of Management3
MRKT 305Marketing Foundations3
PSYC 301Industrial and Organizational Psychology3
Service and Community
COMM 212Interpersonal Communication3
IDS 495Service and Citizenship3
LEAD 101Learning Leadership3
MGMT 362Leadership and Conflict Resolution3
POLS 306American Constitution-Civil Liberties3
POLS 321International Human Rights3
POLS 351Women and Politics3
PSYC 250Developmental Psychology4
RHS 200Helping Skills in Community Services3
SOC 115Social Problems3
SOC 306Social Change and Social Movements3
T&L 252Child Development3
ANTH 171Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 371Cultural Dynamics3
ANTH 379Culture Area Studies3
ANTH 465Culture, Illness and Health3
COUN 250Dialogue on U.S. Diversity3
COMM 402Intercultural/International Communication3
IS 121Introduction to American Indian Studies3
MUSC 203Music and Culture3
PHIL 120Introduction to Ethics3
PHIL 2163
POLS 215Politics and Diversity3
PSYC 421Diversity Psychology3
RHS 250Contemporary Issues in Rehabilitation3
SOC 250Diversity in American Society3
WGS 200Introduction to Gender Studies3
WGS 225The Study of Women3

Note: Students may “double use” courses for the Certificate and for their majors or minors.