Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

Required 128 credits (36 of which must be numbered 300 or above) including:

I. Essential Studies Requirements (see University ES listing).

II. Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering required courses*:

ME 101Introduction to Mechanical Engineering 1, 23
ME 201Student Design 1, 22
or ME 201C
ME 201L
Student Design Lecture
and Student Design Lab
ME 301Materials Science3
ME 306Fluid Mechanics3
ME 323
Machine Component Design
and Machine Component Design Laboratory
ME 341Thermodynamics 13
ME 480Mechanical Engineering Seminar 33
ME 483Mechanical Measurements Laboratory 33
ME 487Engineering Design 32
ME 488Engineering Design 33
ME 466Aerodynamics3
Total Credits51

III. Program Required Electives  

Technical Electives - see details below 39
Total Credits9

IV. College of Engineering and Mines requirements 

ENGR 200Computer Applications in Engineering 1, 22
ENGR 201Statics 13
ENGR 202Dynamics 13
ENGR 203Mechanics of Materials 13
ENGR 206Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering3
ENGR 340Professional Integrity in Engineering 23
ENGR 460Engineering Economy3
Total Credits20

 V. Requirements outside of the College of Engineering and Mines

CHEM 121
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Laboratory 1
MATH 165Calculus I 14
MATH 166Calculus II 14
MATH 265Calculus III 14
MATH 266Elementary Differential Equations3
MATH 321Applied Statistical Methods 43
PHYS 251University Physics I 14
PHYS 252University Physics II 14
Total Credits30

Technical Electives

A minimum of three technical electives are chosen, one from each of the three categories.

Simulation Elective
ME 429Introduction to Finite Element Analysis3
ME 485Multiphysics Modeling3
ME 464Computational Fluid Dynamics3
Thermal Sciences Elective
ME 474Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer3
ME 477Compressible Fluid Flow3
ME 446Gas Turbines3
Astronautics Elective
SPST 405Space Mission Design3
SPST 470Special Topics in Space Studies3
SPST 505Spacecraft Systems Engineering3
SPST 570Advanced Topics in Space Studies (Hypersonic Aerodynamics)3

Students must achieve a grade of “C” or better.


ME 101 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, ME 201 Student Design, ENGR 200 Computer Applications in Engineering and ME 397 Cooperative Education may be waived by successful completion of ME 102 Professional Assessment and Evaluation. The ethics requirement as represented by ENGR 340 Professional Integrity in Engineering may also be waived, but not the University’s Essential Studies Requirements.


Course must be completed from UND.


ChE 315 of an alternative calculus-based statistics course may be substituted for MATH 321 with approval of the ME Department.


All transfer courses must be completed with a "C" or better.


Students must ensure all appropriate pre-requisites are met prior to registering for all courses in the curriculum.