A student is matriculated, or fully admitted, into a program after they meet all the requirements stated in the admission letter. Matriculated students are eligible to enroll in graduate courses.

Delaying or Moving Matriculation

An applicant offered admission to a degree or certificate program in the School of Graduate Studies may request to delay or move his/her matriculation into the program for up to one year. Requests to delay or move matriculation will require approval of the program faculty and the University Admissions Office. There is no guarantee that students denied delayed matriculation will be offered admission at a later date.

Matriculation Requirement

Students who do not enroll in program specific coursework as specified in the admission letter the semester that they are admitted, and do not gain approval to delay or move their matriculation, will have their admission offer rescinded. In such instances, a new application for future enrollment will need to be submitted with no guarantee that the application will result in another offer of admission. Academic departments may petition the University Admissions Office for exceptions to this policy.