Bachelor of Science in Education with Double Major in Elementary Education and Early Childhood

Required 125 credits (36 of which must be numbered 300 or above and 60 of which must be from a 4-year institution) including:

I.   Essential Studies Graduation Requirements (see University ES listing).

II.  EHD General Graduation Requirements (see EHD listing).

III. Elementary Education Curriculum as listed above.

IV. The following Early Childhood Education Curriculum:

T&L 250Introduction to Education3
T&L 286Field Experience1
T&L 310Introduction to Early Childhood Education3
T&L 311Observing and Assessing Children3
T&L 313Language Development and Emerging Literacy3
T&L 320Infant and Toddler3
T&L 322Administration and Leadership in Early Childhood Education3
T&L 333Methods and Materials: Pre-Kindergarten3
T&L 336Social and Emotional Development and Guidance of Children3
T&L 338Home, School and Community Relations3
T&L 443Mathematics for Primary Grades2
T&L 453Methods and Materials: Kindergarten2
T&L 456Early Childhood Ed Seminar1
T&L 486Field Experience1
T&L 487Student Teaching13
T&L 489Senior Capstone: Responsive Teaching3

One elective course which deals with communication with adults, to be selected with adviser approval.

Total credits 37-39.

These requirements may be impacted by change at the federal and state level.