Social Science

9 credit hours required.

Must be taken in a minimum of 2 departments.

Some of these courses are also approved to meet one of the Special Emphasis requirements.

Code Title CreditsGoalsSpecial Emphasis
ACCT 315Business Law I *3CIA
American Indian Studies
IS 171Hollywood Indians3IKS
IS 311Health and American Indian Cultures3IKS
IS 385Sustainable Communities3IKS
ANTH 100Introduction to Anthropology3CIA, IKS
ANTH 171Introduction to Cultural Anthropology *3CIA, IKSD
ANTH 172Introduction to Archaeology3IKSD
ANTH 200World Prehistory3IKS
ANTH 360Environmental Change & Culture3IKSW
ANTH 371Cultural Dynamics3CIA, IKS
ANTH 376The Aztec, Maya and Inca3IKSD
ANTH 377North American Archaeology3CIA, IKSD
ANTH 379Culture Area Studies3CIA. IKS
ANTH 385Antiquities, Culture and Law3IKSW
AVIT 372Global Perspectives in Aviation History3IKSD
Business Administration
BADM 101Introduction to Business *3CIA
COMM 102Introduction to Communication *3IKS
COMM 212Interpersonal Communication *3IKSD
COMM 313Persuasion *3Q
COMM 345Social Media Strategy *3IL
COMM 374Principles of Strategic Communication *3WCA
COMM 402Intercultural/International Communication *3IKSW
Communication Sciences & Disorders
CSD 232Survey of Communication Disorders *3CIA, IL, Q, WC
CSD 425Language, Multiculturalism and Communication Disorders *3IKSD
Criminal Justice Studies
CJ 201Introduction to Criminal Justice *3CIA
CJ 452The Police Role in Society *3IKSW
COUN 270Bridging the Divide: Dialoguing Across Identity Differences *3IKSW
COUN 399Special Topics (Relationships, Sexuality, and Violence Prevention)1-3IKS
Earth System Science & Policy
ESSP 160Sustainability & Society3IKS
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics *3CIA, QQ
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics *3CIA, QQ
ENGR 340Professional Integrity in Engineering *3CIA, WC
ENGR 460Engineering Economy *3CIA, WC, IL
ENTR 101Introduction to Entrepreneurship *3WC
GEOG 151Human Geography *3IKSD
GEOG 161World Regional Geography *3IKSD
GEOG 262Geography of North America I *3IKSW
GEOG 463Regional Geography *2-3IKSD
HIST 230A Cultural History of Science and Technology3CIA, IKSW
HON 102Leaders in Action Cornerstone *3IKSD
HON 382Worldviews through the Social Sciences3-4IKSW
HON 392Advanced Colloquium in the Social Sciences1-4CIA
HUM 224Integrated Social Science Inquiry2-4CIA, IKS
LEAD 101Learning Leadership *3WC
LEAD 400Advanced Leadership3WC, OA
MRKT 201Personal Marketing3IKS, O
NURS 490Transcultural Health Care Theories, Research, and Practice3CIA, IKS, WCD
Nutrition & Dietetics
N&D 335World Food Patterns *3IKSD
N&D 345Community Nutrition3IKSW
Outdoor Leadership & Environmental Education
OLEE 201Outdoor Recreation, Nature and Society3CIA
Petroleum Engineering
PTRE 405Petroleum Eng. Economy and Law3CIA, Q
Political Science
POLS 115American Government I *3CIA
POLS 120Global Perspectives3IKSD
POLS 220International Politics *3CIA
POLS 225Comparative Politics3IKSW
POLS 318American Political Thought3WC, IKSD
PSYC 111Introduction to Psychology *3CIA
PSYC 250Developmental Psychology *4CIA
PSYC 270Abnormal Psychology *3CIA
PSYC 365Psychology of Women and Gender *3IKSW
PSYC 421Diversity Psychology *3IKS
PSYC 460Advanced Social Psychology *3CIA, WCA
Public Health Education
PHE 101Introduction to Public Health3CIA
PHE 102Epidemiology in Public Health3CIA, QQ
PHE 103Introduction to Global Health *3IKS, O, WCD
Rehabilitation Services
RHS 250Contemporary Issues in Rehabilitation *3CIA, IKS
RHS 260Inclusion in Recreation Settings *3IKS
SOC 110Introduction to Sociology *3IKSD
SOC 115Social Problems *3CIA
SOC 250Diversity in American Society *3IKSW
SOC 253Delinquency and Juvenile Justice *3CIA
SOC 340Sociology of Gender3Q
SOC 361Social Psychology3CIA
SOC 436Social Inequality3IKSW
Teaching & Learning
T&L 251Understanding Individuals with Different Abilities *3IKSD
T&L 252Child Development *3CIA
T&L 418Curriculum & Pedagogy in Indigenous Education3IKSW
T&L 433Multicultural Education *3IKSD
*Course offered online