Minor in Norwegian

A minor in Norwegian includes:

Four introductory courses
NORW 101First Year Norwegian I4
NORW 102First Year Norwegian II4
NORW 201Second Year Norwegian I4
NORW 202Second Year Norwegian II4
Upper division courses (minimum 12 credit hours)
NORW 350Norwegian Culture3
NORW 403Great Literary Works of Norway3
NORW 431Advanced Norwegian3
NORW 432Advanced Norwegian3
NORW 433Norwegian Literature3
NORW 434Norwegian Literature3

With departmental approval, NORW 494 Individual Norwegian Readings and LANG 318 Individual Arranged Study Abroad and LANG 319 University Sponsored Study Abroad and LANG 320: Faculty-Led Study Abroad and LANG 380: Global Gateways and  LANG 480 Capstone: Global Connections may also count toward the minor.